Bulk Cannabis Bags


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A-ROO Company’s storage bag for harvested cannabis and hemp-related products is easy-to-use and has special characteristics to retain freshness and contain odor. Each Bulk Cannabis Bag features a convenient adhesive strip that allows for uniform closure and the ability to be opened and resealed over and over again.

The unique 7-Layer Co-Extrusion film construction is USDA / FDA approved. The film is made in the USA and the bags are made in our own AIB Rated Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing facility in Strongsville, Ohio. It is 3.5 mils thick and built to be strong and tear-resistant. The surface of the bag can be written on with an ink pen or marker for identification purposes easily.

Loads easily and tears-off cleanly from a wire wicket pack that can be hung almost anywhere.

Specifications + Features
- Size: 18 x 24" 
- Film: 3.5mil - 7 layer nylon EVOH laminate
- Count: 250 Bulk Cannabis Harvest Bags per case - 5 wire wicket packs of 50 bags each.
- Print: Clear / unprinted on both sides of the bag.
- Special Features: Odor blocking film with resealable tape closure. BPA free. USDA/FDA approved. Made in the USA.