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Natural Market™ Petal Pouch™

Natural Market™ Petal Pouch™

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The Natural Market™ Petal Pouch™ Handle Sleeve has the appearance of a local Farmers Market kraft paper sleeve with the added convenience of the Petal Pouch™ carry handles. The clean, classic design of the Natural Market™ Petal Pouch™ Handle Sleeve wraps your plants and fresh flower bouquets in the natural warmth and look of Kraft Paper, highlighting their natural color and beauty.

Fully recyclable, the Natural Market™ Petal Pouch™ Handle Sleeve is water-resistant with its sealed bottom, helping protect your car and other furnishings during use.

Sleeves are nested inside each other for easy dispensing and grab-and-go use!

Specifications + Features
- Size: 20 x 22 x 6.5"
- Film: 1.6mil CPP
- Count: 50 sleeves per nest
- Print: Simulated brown kraft paper print. Fully printed back, deep V-shaped printed front. Olive Green Petal Pouch™ Handles.
- Special Features: Sealed bottom sleeve with Petal Pouch™ carry handles. 

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