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ProGrade Disposable Grout Bags

ProGrade Disposable Grout Bags

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Tackle tough projects head-on with ProGrade™ Disposable Grout Bags. Made in the USA, ProGrade™ Disposable Grout Bags are the strongest disposable anywhere.

We have manufactured over one billion dispensing cone bags and our expertise is evident as this tool is tough enough to handle job site projects, while versatile enough to be used for home repairs. Ideal for masonry, tiling, restoration, stonework, and roofing. Use them on their own or as a liner for smooth dispensing and less clean up.

Our smooth, strong side seals conform to the shape of the grout bag – eliminating the dragline other brands' “fin” seal creates – there is no need to go back and touch up dispensed grout.

Our retail ready ProGrade™ Disposable Grout Bags come on a header pack of 25 bags with 10 header packs per box. One master case includes four boxes of 10 headers giving you a total of 1,000 ProGrade™ Disposable Grout Bags in each case.

Our convenient header is designed to hang a pack of 25 grout bags not only for display at retail but also for efficient retrieval and use on the job site - simply tear off a new one as needed. No more searching for loose bags!

Specifications + Features
- Size: 12 x 24" 
- Film: 2.9mil MDPE
- Count: 1000 disposable grout bags per case - 4 inner boxes of 10 header packs - 25 bags per header.
- Print: Clear / unprinted on both sides of the bag. ProGrade™ branded headers with UPC. 
- Special Features: Made in the USA and retail ready

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