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Sample Kit - Potted Plant Sleeves

Sample Kit - Potted Plant Sleeves

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Not sure what size you need? That's ok!

Our Potted Plant Sleeve sample kit includes one sample each of our sixteen standard sleeves for potted plants available on the web shoppe. Both Clear CPP and Satin NHDPE sleeves are included so you can test them out with your different pots and plants to see which ones will fit best before ordering.

Note: There is a Shipping and Handling charge when ordering sample kits. When you're ready to place your first order, use the coupon code included in your sample kit to receive a discount off your first order. This coupon offsets the charge for the sample kit, plus a little extra as a thank you from us for choosing our products!

Samples included in this kit:
(Not all items are shown in image)

Clear CPP Plant Sleeves
   • W-P-2  -  10x12x4.5" 
   • W-P-3  -  10.5x12x3"
   • W-P-4  -  13x12x4"
   • W-4RC-KV  -  12x14x5"
   • W-6-S-KV  -  19x19x7.75"
   • W-6-T-KV  -  20x24x7.75"

Satin NHDPE Plant Sleeves
   • W-4-RG-KV  -  15x14x5.5"
   • W-6-RG-KV  -  19x19x7.75"
   • W-6-L-KV  -   20x24x8"
   • W-8-WB-KV -  23x22x10.5"
   • W-10-WB-KV -  23x22x13"
   • W-12-WB-KV -  26x27.5x13.75"
   • W-8-10LG-KV -  28x26x10.25"
   • W-10JUMBO-KV -  30x30x12.25"
   • W-12JUMBO-KV -  34x32x13.75"
   • W-14JUMBO-KV -  34x32x16.5"

* A limit of one sample kit per product type will be sent *

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